From the Assessor:

Let me start by saying that it’s never a bad idea to “check in” with your Assessor every couple of years (prior to March 1st!!!) to make sure that you are up to date with any available property tax exemptions.

Changes to the Low-Income Senior Citizen Exemption:

There is a property tax exemption that is available on the primary residence of Low-Income Senior Citizens.  To qualify for this Low-Income Senior Citizen Exemption, the applicant needs to meet a number of criteria, including an annual limitation based on the applicant’s income.  Income includes ALL sources of income for all owners, including Social Security and land rents received, among many other types of income.  Each year we will need to collect copies of your income statements to prove that you meet this limitation.  And as crazy as this sounds, each of the taxing jurisdictions have slightly different criteria for the income-based limitation!  And, some allow an adjustment to the computed income based on “out of pocket” medical expenses.  Some do not.

Tax Jurisdiction

Income Limit to Qualify

Out of Pocket Medical Expense   Adjustment to Income Allowed?

Cayuga County

Less   than $37,400*

(*new   limit for 2021)


Town of Fleming

Less   than $20,500


Auburn School

Less than   $20,500


Southern Cayuga School

Less   than $25,100


Union Springs School

Less   than $16,700



A link to the County Real Property website overview of the Low-Income Senior Citizen Exemption:

Earlier this year, the Cayuga County Legislature adopted a resolution raising their income limit, so that more property owners would qualify for this benefit on their County property tax bill beginning in 2021. 

And I am ready to begin accepting applications and required supporting income documents for new applications and renewals of this exemption for the 2021 assessment roll.  Income for this exemption is based on the prior calendar year of the application, currently 2019, so applicants should already have the documentation needed.  Soon I will be mailing out renewal applications to those who had this exemption on the 2020 assessment roll.

If you believe you may qualify, please get in touch with me to guide you through the application process.